APRS – A propagation tool

Below is a map of the APRS trips I have made over the last 5 days.  I spent some time in Brownsburg,  I went to Noah’s girl friends house to drop him off and it even shows my trip to work.



The coolest part of APRS is that with a GPS, low power radio and TNC or a all-in-one radio like the Kenwood TH-D72A HT radio you can watch the propagation of your signals.

Below you will see that 14 miles to the W9ICE-10 packet station was the furthest I was heard directly.  Several over stations heard my signal and repeated it.  With only 5 watts for 14 miles that is about 3 miles per watt.  Not too bad.


My long term plans involve setting up a gateway at the house so I can listen and report other ARPS users.   This will require a good antenna and a radio that can run on power and a audio cable from the radio to a PC.  I figured a Boafeng radio will do just fine.


It has been a while

I have been busy with so many other things in life I haven’t taken the time to update the website. I changed hosting providers and it looks like I lost the photos and articles I had. Guess I can make new posts that are just as interesting.

A project I have been working on is a s 1200 baud packet station for amateur radio. I have a FT-7900 and use a KPC3+ packet TNC. It does the job and I can reach out and bounce off of many other local packet stations. I can also send email via radio using RMS Express. What a cool hobby.